Walking in FRANKFURT / Germany 🇩🇪

Old Town, Zeil and Brückenviertel

Frankfurt am Main in Germany is the financial centre of Germany. With an international vibe it is a vibrant city that many German visitors will know from the busy airport. There are several walks of Frankfurt am Main on the channel. On this tour we visit several areas again.

We start our tour at the center of the “new” old town - the Römer. We walk towards the Main river with the iron Footbridge “Eiserner Steg”, that we crossed on another video ( ). This time we get back to the old town, visit the cathedral and head towards the norther city center.

After around half an hour we are on the main pedestrian street - the “Zeil” of Frankfurt. We get further north to the church of St. Peter and just from the Konstabler Wache head south again.

It’s a bit of a way towards the Main river again. Then we cross via the old bridge (“Alte Brücke”) to the Brückenviertel. This picturesque part of Frankfurt has many bars and pubs so we walk all around the narrow streets. We end our walking tour at the Kuhhirtenturm.

0:00 Römerberg
2:00 Saalgasse / Saalhof
3:30 Towards the Main river
5:00 Back to the new Old Town westwards
8:00 Buchgasse / Ratskeller northwards
9:30 Paulskirche
10:30 Back to Römer
12:00 Frankfurt old town
16:40 Frankfurt cathedral
19:30 More of the old town
20:00 Bendergasse with Kaiserpfalz franconofurd
22:00 Around the Römer once again
24:00 Towards the northern center
26:00 Liebfrauenberg with Liebfrauenkirche
28:00 St. Catherine’s Church
29:30 City Center with Zeil
35:30 Northwards on Schäfergasse in the city center
37:15 Peterskirchhof
39:00 Bleichstraße / Alte G.
41:30 Konstabler Arkaden
42:30 South to Konstabler Wache
45:00 Going further South back to the Main river
54:00 Crossing the Alte Brücke
58:00 Brückenviertel
1:02:45 Around Affentorplatz
1:05:00 Pubs at Brückenviertel

Filmed in September 2020

Camera: Osmo Pocket in 4K60
Mic: Zoom H1