Walking in CORK / Ireland 🇮🇪

Cork is the second largest city in the Republic of Ireland after Dublin and is located in the south of the country. The city has a good vibe with many pubs, galleries and museums. Cork is also called the foodie capital of Ireland with a great restaurant scene.

We start our tour at the St Patrick’s Street and check out the city centre. At the Saint Peter and Paul’s church we have a peek inside.

Next we head South of the city into the more residential area around Douglas Street. On the way we pass the Red Abbey Tower from the 14th century. On Douglas Street is a little festival. We walk a bigger round to see some non touristic part of Cork before we had to the Elizabeth Fort.

The Elizabeth Fort from the 17th-century was built on high ground outside the original city walls. By now the city has grown around the fort. We still have a nice view at Cork from the for walls.

Heading back into the city we pass Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral and make it to Washington Street. In the area around Tobin street are plenty restaurants and pubs, as well as some nightclubs that are busy during the weekend.

We see more of the city centre, see Lapp’s Quay at the River Lee and even pass by the Cork bus station - all on our way back to the starting point right at St Patrick’s Street.

0:00 St Patrick’s Street
3:00 Opera Lane
4:00 Crawford Art Gallery & Cork Opera House
5:50 Half Moon Street
6:50 Paul Street
8:30 Saint Peter and Paul’s
10:30 City Centre
16:50 South of the Centre
23:00 Around Red Abbey Tower
24:00 Douglas Street and Around
34:00 Towards Elizabeth Fort
39:00 Elizabeth Fort
45:00 Towards Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral
48:00 Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral
51:30 Back to the City Centre
58:00 Washington Street
59:30 Tobin Street (Nightlife Area)
1:00:45 All Around the City Centre
1:18:00 Lapp’s Quay
1:21:21 Cork Bus Station
1:22:22 Back to Starting Point on St Patrick’s Street

Filmed in September 2019

Camera: Osmo Pocket in 4K60
Mic: Zoom H1