Walking in LIMASSOL / Cyprus 🇨🇾

Tour in Winter

Limassol on the southern coast of Cyprus is known for the centuries-old Limassol Castle. The city is a popular tourist destination on this island in summer.

We are starting our tour on a quiet winter afternoon overlooking Limassol from the castle. We are spending the first 10 minutes wandering inside and outside the castle which houses the Cyprus Medieval Museum and its collection of pottery and tombstones.

When we leave the castle (
10:15 ) we check the old town of Limassol and the Ayia Napa Cathedral (Αγία Νάπα). The streets are quiet out of the tourist season with many tourist shops closed. We walk on the the nice Limassol Promenade (Μώλος) and seaside Prokymea (Molos) Sculpture Park for a bit before returning to the city centre.

As we continue north on the Anexartisias street out of the city centre, we see the building of Limassol District Administration (Επαρχιακή Διοίκηση Λεμεσού) with a few carnival statues. Our walk continues into a more residental area as we stroll in side streets until we see the “Katholiki” church (Καθεδρικός Ναός Παναγίας Παντάνασσας “Καθολική”).

At last we head down to the sea, and the Old Port of Limassol with an amusement park. With the sunset we end the walking tour at the Limassol Marina.

Filmed in February 2020

Camera: Osmo Pocket in 4K60
Mic: Zoom H1