ERFURT, Germany 🇩🇪

Christmas Markets 2023

For our final Christmas market tour, we are in Erfurt, the capital of the German state of Thuringia. The Erfurt Christmas Market is located in the city’s old town, surrounding the Mariendom (St. Mary’s Cathedral) and St. Severi Church. Typically, this market operates from late November until just before Christmas. There are over 100 stalls offering traditional Thuringian crafts, foods, and Christmas decorations. Highlights include a large, decorated Christmas tree, the pyramid and a nativity scene featuring life-sized wooden figures.

We start on the main market at Domplatz, visit the Erfurt cathedral and then check out smaller markets all around the city. A nice and cozy setting is the Brückenadvent at Krämerbrücke. We walk around the Anger, see the Domplatz yet again before hiking up the Petersberg (with an elevator to the viewing platform).

Out tour ends there yet this video features a little extra - some 32' minutes of extra footage I took just with the camera walking back to the train station after sunset.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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0:00 Route Preview
3:00 Christmas Market on Domplatz
8:00 Erfurt Cathedral
12:00 Domplatz
19:30 Marktstraße
24:00 Erfurt City Hall / Fish Market
25:30 Schlösserstraße
27:30 Along the Gera River
30:00 Brückenadvent at Krämerbrücke
32:00 Krämerbrücke
35:00 Rathausbrücke
38:00 Meienbergstraße
40:00 St. Gregor
42:00 Anger
45:30 Along the Anger
48:20 Weitergasse
49:30 Preacher Church
52:00 Schlösserbrücke
54:20 Predigerstraße
56:20 Kleine Arche
58:00 Große Arche
59:00 Marktstraße to Domplatz
1:00:30 Another Round over the Christmas Market
1:05:30 Petersberg
1:09:00 View over Erfurt
1:11:00 Bonus: Nighttime walk to the train station

Filmed in December 2023

Camera: Osmo Pocket 3 in 4K60
Mic: Zoom H1n + internal Osmo Pocket 3 (final 32 min)