CAN THO, Vietnam πŸ‡»πŸ‡³

Day to Night

Can Tho, located in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam, is the largest city in the area. Can Tho serves as a hub for transportation and commerce. Tourist may know Can Tho as their first stop coming from Cambodia or on a Mekong cruise leaving Vietnam.

Can Tho is known for its floating markets, particularly the Cai Rang Floating Market, which we also visited ( ). There visitors can witness vendors selling a variety of fruits, vegetables, and local specialties directly from their boats.

The city of Can Tho is has numerous canals and waterways. Boat tours a popular tourist activity. We start our walking tour right near some boats that bring tourists to the Cai Rang floating markets early in the morning or serve as taxis later.

As we get on to the main streets, we are soon in the center of Can Tho and walk all around the promenade. As night falls, the Ninh Kieu Pier comes alive with its night market, eateries, giving visitors a taste of the local nightlife.

We end our tour right where we started near the boat pier where there is still traffic at night.

Filmed in February 2023

Camera: Osmo Pocket in 4K60
Mic: Zoom H1n