Walking in KOSICE / Slovakia 🇸🇰

Košice / Slovakia is a city the East of the country, close to the Hungarian border. Kosice is the second largest city of Slovakia (after the capital Bratislava) with a population of around 240,000. Its location far away from other big tourist favourites makes it less visited by international tourists. Bratislava is close to Vienna and Budapest .We arrive in Kosice from Miskolc / Hungary.

Our walking tour of Kosice starts at the main square which is home to 2 Gothic churches: the St. Elisabeth Cathedral and the 14th-century St. Michael Chapel. We walk around the city center and head south first before we walk to the northern end of the inner city. We see the The Singing Fountain (Spievajúca fontána) and pass many restaurants and shops on our way.

We even have time to see the Crafts lane and the Jakabov palác on our way back to our starting point. After 1h 10m we finish our walking tour of Kosice right where we started - at the St. Elisabeth Cathedral.

Filmed in September 2022

Camera: Osmo Pocket in 4K60
Mic: Zoom H1n