Walking in KULMBACH / Germany πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

Rainy Sunday (2020)

Kulmbach / Germany is a town in Franconia, Bavaria. The town is famous for Plassenburg Castle, for its sausages and (thanks to a large brewery) for its beer. There are a few other sights in the city center which we will visit on this walking tour.

We start our walk at the Dr.-Stammberger-Halle where events of the city mostly take place. Next we walk into the old town of Kulmbach but first uphill to the White Tower (Weißer Turm). It gets further up to the Red Tower (Roter Turm) and we can enjoy some view over Kulmbach. It’s a rainy Sunday and few people are out in the street.

Our tour continues heading down to the center again where we see the Petrikirche. We stroll around some back alleys while heading towards the market square with the Townhall of Kulmbach and the Luitpoldbrunnen.

We check out a few of Kulmbach’s pedestrian streets though with the shops closed on Sunday we eventually head to the Zinnsfelderbrunnen. So we get back to where we started, the Dr.-Stammberger-Halle, to end this tour of Kulmbach.

0:00 Dr.-Stammberger-Halle
1:00 Uphill to White Tower
4:00 Red Tower and View
6:30 Downhill to Petrikirche
10:00 Some Back Alleys
14:00 Market Square
16:00 Kulmbach Central Streets
18:00 Zinnsfelderbrunnen & More Center
22:30 Back to the White Tower & Starting Point

Filmed in November 2020

Camera: Osmo Pocket in 4K60
Mic: Zoom H1