Walking in KAUFBEUREN / Germany 🇩🇪

Old Town in Allgäu

Kaufbeuren is a town in Bavaria. Surrounded by the district of Ostallgäu the old town has the typical Bavarian flair with winding alleys.

We start our tour (October 2020) in the old town near the salt market and circle the St. Martins Church. We walk a bit towards the eastern edge of the old town with larger streets with more traffic. There we get to the Art Hall (Kunsthalle) with the Sywollenturm. We walk a bit further north along the old city walls, which was built in around 1200. We slip right through a small door in that wall back into the old town.

We check out more streets around the fruit market (Obstmarkt) and are back at the Kaiser-Max-Straße which leads us to the town hall. The Fünfknopfturm - a major attraction of Kaufbeuren on a hill - was closed so we have to skip the climb for another visit. The main parts of the old town however were now all visited so as an extra we once again head out of the city center. This time walk south .. to get back to the city hall once more from a different direction.

At last we leave the old town behind. On our way back to the train station we basically head for the city park. We reach that nice little park after a few minutes, where we end our Kaufbeuren tour.

0:00 Salzmarkt
1:20 St. Martinskirche
4:00 Erostischer Brunnen
5:00 Pfarrgasse
7:00 East of the Old Town
8:00 Kunsthaus / Sywollenturm
9:00 North of Old Town
10:00 Back to the Old Town
13:00 Around Obstmarkt
15:00 Am Breiten Bach
16:30 Kaiser-Max-Straße
19:00 Rosental
21:00 Am Graben
23:00 City Hall and Side Streets
26:40 Southern City Center
28:30 Towards the City Park
32:30 City Park

Filmed in October 2020

Camera: Osmo Pocket in 4K60
Mic: Zoom H1