Walking in CHIANG MAI / Thailand 🇹🇭

Outer City

Chiang Mai in northern Thailand is a popular tourist destination of the country. We walked around inner old city houses and various Wats before on some evening and night walks and . On this tour we see the outer city where also several Buddhist temples (Wats) are located.

We start our walk in the heat of the day near the Tha Phae Gate at the east side of the old town’s city walls. First we walk at Thapae Rd to the Wat Mahawan followed by Wat Bubparam and then Wat Upakhut. Now we are near the Nawarat Bridge so we cross the Ping river.

On the other side of the Ping we stroll along the river bank towards the Iron bridge. There we see the The River Market Restaurant and return to the city centre on the Loi Kroh Road turning south to the Sridonchai Rd.

There are fewer temples here - more shops and restaurants. Sometimes they are in a nice settings with gardens to have a chilled atmosphere along the busy road.

When we get to the old town we visit Wat Puakchang make a little detour Rat Chiang Saen Rd which is south of the walls. As we get near the walls we see the remains of the Fort of Ka-tham and the quiet temple of Wat Sai Moon Myanmar and Wat Sai Moon Muang.

It’s is getting too hot for us (and the camera) so we end the walk a hundred metres from our starting point.

Note: the first few minutes are Osmo Pocket Audio and the walk stopped as the camera shut off due to overheating.

Filmed in April 2019

Camera: Osmo Pocket in 4K60
Mic: Zoom H1