Walking in BRISTOL / UK 🇬🇧

Bristol in the southwest of England known for its maritime history. The city was a starting place for early voyages of exploration to the New World.

On this tour we explore nicely walkable centre. We start at the St James' Priory which is near the Bristol Coach Station. Quickly we go to the shopping area Broadmead where we check several shopping streets and also The Bearpit city park.

We head south to the Castle Park and cross the Castle bridge and get back to the old city. There it’s a bit quieter this afternoon as most of the action happens at the former city-centre port, the Harbourside. The old harbour’s warehouses now contain restaurants, shops.

The riverside stroll continues for a while. We follow the feeder canal and the River Avon. It’s a relaxing weekend atmosphere with people and families walking around. We enjoy the path for a little while longer, pass the Brunel’s SS Great Britain and finish our tour near the Bristol Marina and rowing club.

Note: I missed catching Banksy’s “The Girl With Pearl Earring” on video on a wall near the marina though took a photo after when walking back. It’s coming sometime to the website. A second tour walking back from Millenium square will be on the channel at some point

Filmed in October 2019

Camera: Osmo Pocket in 4K60
Mic: Zoom H1