Frequently Asked Questions

Here on POPtravel I am happy about the many comments and questions. Some of he most frequent questions and my answers are collected on this page to save you an email and waiting for an answer.

Q: Can I use your video in my video?

A: You can re-use the video on the channel when it is licensed under CC-BY-SA. The majority of my videos are under the creative Commons License.

As stated in the YouTube ‘About’ page the following attribution must appear in the video description and/or credits. I prefer that the videos are used creatively. Reposts are boring and only confuse viewers. Please also respect branding and naming rights. As for attribution please replace the link inside the curly braces {} with the actual value :


Source: {Link to the original youtu.be URL} by POPtravel - https://www.youtube.com/c/poptravelorg
Author: Daniel Sczepansky / POPtravel.org - https://www.poptravel.org
License: CC BY SA - https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/legalcode

Commercial (non-sharealike) licenses + 38Mbit/sec 2160p60 downloads for broadcast are available upon request. All Photos are available under a commercial license. Please use the email on the YouTube ‘About’ page for business inquiries

Q: What camera are you using?

A: I’m using a DJI Osmo Pocket and a Zoom H1 microphone for the audio.

From the start in December 2018 to now the audio is optimised and synced before upload with the video. Both devices - Osmo Pocket and Zoom H1 - are connected to a power bank for long filming. In case audio comes from the Osmo Pocket only on shorter videos when I only had the Osmo Pocket with me. In any case that fact is usually noted in the video description.

Q: Why do the people not wear masks?

A: The video was probably recorded before, after or during a quiet period of the pandemic

The channel started when I recorded my first videos at the end of December 2018 (Brno, Prague and Helsinki). In 2019 I uploaded the first videos. During 2019 I was fortunate to be able to travel a bit more and film around 250 more walks, sometimes several per day. These many walking videos were too many to post so I started mixing places - newer and older videos to keep it interesting.

Then the world changed: When traveling stopped almost all over the world in March 2020 I did not travel nor record new videos up until August 2020. The channel kept going with these backlog of videos from before the pandemic. Finally in September and October 2020 I was able to travel a bit, yet only in Germany. That is the reason why half of the videos are from before the pandemic and half are from the end of summer 2020. We will see what the future brings yet I hope to continue filming such videos on the future as it’s great fun for me to travel this way.

Q: How can you afford such travel?

A: Frugal lifestyle, savings and off-season discounts

I used to create videogames for several years running a small company. In 2014 most of my developers had found better jobs so we closed our office.

In 2015 I still had some small savings while older games provided a modest passive income at first. It was possible to travel without a job, also being able to wait for deals. So I started traveling slower, took many photos and learned a few new things. It can be quiet affordable to travel in Southeast Asia or South America as acommodations are relatively cheap, the food is great and experiences are still unforgettable. Having a lot of time allowed me to visit many places by train or bus, or even with a few hikes. There were many photos in these days..

I was “finished” and happy with ending my travel-period, having seen so much. The next “act” wasn’t quiet there yet. Then DJI released the Osmo Pocket December 2018. I knew about the videos of Rambalac which showed places like a personal experience. Pricey destinations like Japan, where I could spend little time, were accessible as least visually. I had tested a gimbal for my Lumix GF7 camera and a Yi 4K+ for similar quality though it wasn’t feeling right. With stable 4K60 resolution (like Rambalac’s videos) the reality was so much closer. Such camera/gimbal combo made it pockatable which suited me well, traveling light mostly.

When the pre-ordered Osmo Pocket arrived, I strapped it on a powerbank with a Zoom H1 microphone I already had and took a little weekend trip to the Czech Republic. There I enjoyed revisiting Brno and Prague while filming and noticed the exercise of fast walking for an hour or so. In 2019 I used my remaining funds to travel further and revisit more places. That wasn’t a vacation, lots of sweating throughout Southeast Asia, yet good fun with my new hobby - recording walking videos. When the channel grew and I finally passed 1.000 Subscribers on June 16th 2019 I decided to continue further and explore motization options for making this more than a hobby. So who knows, maybe that allows me to get back into video game production and close the circle once again.

Q: How can I contribute?

A: You can tip me site via PayPal and Patreon

At the moment such tips give you only a good feeling. I am working on membership content for people who want to support the channel on a monthly basis in exchange for earlier access to videos. Captions and intros before videos can be sponsored - please email me for details and opportunities.