Walking in VILNIUS / Lithuania 🇱🇹

Summer Tour (August 2021)

We are in Vilnius / Lithuania which is the capital city of this baltic country. One of our first walks was in this city during winter so we finally return during summer. While the winters in this northeastern region of Europe are harsh and dark, the summers give lots of sunshine.

We start our tour at the Vilnius town hall in the very center. From there we explore parts of the old town with its numerous churches until we get to one of the main sights - the Vilnius Cathedral.

Our tour continues going uphill to the Gediminas Castle Tower. Up at the former castle we have a nice view over the city and end our summer tour of Vilnius.

For the second part of the video going from the castle to the old town please see: A longer tour in the evening the next day: An early 2019 winter tour:

Filmed in August 2021

Camera: DJI Pocket 2 in 4K60
Mic: Zoom H1